Monday, May 18, 2015

The Fantastic Coastal City of Ubatuba Brazil

If you are a beach lover, Ubatuba not only offers you two or three beaches; it provides you the opportunity to choose from among its 92 beaches! Sitting on the coast of Sao Paulo, this Brazilian city has many tricks up its sleeves when it comes to entertaining its guests. For starters, the beaches here are good for fun activities like swimming, sun tanning, snorkeling and surfing. Take note that in Ubatuba, the beaches close to the city are not nearly as clean and clear than the ones at the outskirts. So, you may need to travel a little more to reach the more secluded beaches in the region. But doing so will reward you with the beauty and serenity of wonderful sandy stretches.

Praia do Cedro is definitely one of the most beautiful and secluded beaches in Ubatuba. Part of Cedro's appeal is its pristine rainforest landscape and abundant marine life. The consistent presence of various fascinating underwater creatures makes Praia do Cedro an ideal place to dive or snorkel.

Praia do Centro can be reached by walking from the Praia da Fortaleza. This journey in itself is a hiking adventure as it takes about an hour to walk all the way to Cedro. If the laid back surfer in you wants to get out there and try out the waves, head out to Felix, Itamambuca and Praia Vermelho, which are widely known as surfing beaches. Vermelho Beach is conveniently close the city center.

Ubatuba is also the home of the State Park of the Serra do Mar (Parque Estadual da Serra do Mar). The park is one of the biggest areas protected by the state. At the center of the park, you will find the much quieter beach of Picinguaba. For years, Ubatuba has been welcoming visitors from all over, offering a large collection of restaurants, shops, hotels as well as guest houses locally called pousadas. At the seaside, the local government runs a turtle preservation program called Projeto Tamas. The project site is definitely worth visiting especially if you are an animal lover or simply a fan of turtles. Close to the city center, you will find the ruins of a large old farm called the Ruinas Lagoinha, which has become one of the city's iconic landmarks.

Just off the shore of Ubatuba lies the historical island of IIha Anchieta. The ideal time to visit the island is during early morning. There are schooners that run back and forth the island. IIha Anchieta is known for the ruins of an early 19th century prison. But the island does not only hold important historical value, its surrounding waters are excellent attractions. Diving experts consider these waters to be the most beautiful diving sites in all of Brazil. Another popular island to visit is Couves Islands, which is home two beaches. Aside from doing the usual beach activities, the island is also great for trekking trips.

To add to your adventure, the Ubatuba region is undoubtedly a marvelous trekking hub, which includes some trails that highlight thick forested landscape, waterfalls, hidden beaches and indigenous tribes. Some of the most prominent hiking spots in and around the city includes Corisco, Bonete and Corcovado.

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